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Plumbing (Water Supply & Drainage) Designing& Draughting Scope of Work

We specialize in plumbing engineering services ranging from design to drafting. We add value to our client's business by providing them the competitive edge by offering these high quality plumbing products & plumbing design services at reduced/lower cost. The key to our success is our customer centric approach. The dedication and commitment of our team assists us better to meet your requirements, accuracy and on time delivery.

Our Plumbing services include:

Domestic Water System

  • Finding total fixture units for hot and cold water
  • Assigning fixture unit to each plumbing fixture according to the usage and concerned codes. Converting fixture units to GPM (consider system predominant flash valve or flash tank)
  • Determining the distance of remote fixture and minimum pressure required for it & checking the need of booster pumps for domestic water system
  • Sizing of all individual branches according to the flow requirement and friction loss which is estimated per 100 ft. from available pressure
  • Selecting and locating fittings like backflow preventer, water hammer arrestor, water pressure regulator etc
  • Estimating hot water demand, heater capacity selection

Waste Water System

  • Assigning fixture unit to each plumbing fixture according to your usage and concern codes
  • Sizing sanitary drainage / vent risers according to the number of fixture units to be carried
  • Determining if sump pumps or sewage ejector pumps are required
  • Estimating the number of sanitary and vent risers
  • Sizing horizontal of sanitary drainage / vent run according to the number of fixture units to be carried and permissible slope from code
  • Designing septic tank, soak away pits, dispersion trenches, oil & grease trap

Storm Water System

  • Estimating roof area and Determining the riser and horizontal run size from rain water flow data and applicable code. Placing roof drains, leaders, main stacks, floor drains, floor sinks, sprinkler risers, funnel drains, fire standpipe risers etc. according with the HVAC system
  • Verifying structural drawings for space conditions affecting the plumbing work
  • Providing necessary pipe spaces, wall thickness, etc.

Riser Diagram

  • Domestic Hot / Cold Water Diagram
  • Sanitary Drainage and Vent Diagram
  • Storm Water Drainage Diagram

Typical Enlarged Diagram & Section Drawings

  • The diagram shows section, details of plumbing accessories and connection to plumbing fixtures. It consists of drawing that shows all details required for execution of site work. Also, includes designing of supports for pipe considering implication seismic zone if applicable
  • Detailing of plumbing services & preparing plumbing drawing, isometric drawings
  • Standards: NPC, IPC, ASPE, NSPC


  • Sump Designing
  • Overhead Tank Designing
  • Pumping Main Pipe Desinging
  • Hydraulic Calculations for Pump Selection
  • Storm Water Drainage in Building
  • Auto Pneumatic System
  • Pressure Tank Sizing
  • Septic Tanks, Soak Away Pits, Dispersion Trenches
  • Oil & Grease Trap Designing
  • Garden & Fountain Water Pipe Sizing
  • Hot Water Estimation, Heater Capacity Selection
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Manhole Designing
  • Drainage Water Pipe Designing
  • Equipment Selection & its Accessories
  • Pump Room Designing
  • Bill of Quantity, Estimation & Costing of a Project
  • Shop Drawings
  • Schematic, Section, Isometric, Schedule Drawings