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Electrical Designing & Draughting Scope of Work

Electrical Designing Services

Our services range from concept of electrical transformer design to drafting for all electrical systems (lighting, security, power and emergency power) within a building. We consider every detail of the electrical projects with the aim to ensure smooth start-up of your project and minimal field changes.

Our Electrical services include:

Design of Lighting System

  • Lighting Load Estimations and determining numbers of feeder for Lighting Panel
  • Light Fixture Layout Designing involving Normal, Emergency, Critical and Life Safety
  • Light Fixtures Identification as per the Standards and Occupancy sensors, dimmers etc., their selection, and placement at appropriate location
  • Calculating the Lux levels for each classified areas together with lighting controls requirements for power savings
  • Worst-Case Egress Lighting Estimation. Lighting Distribution Panel design and designing Emergency Panel
  • Determining the Lighting Panel Location based on provided inputs
  • Switchgear Sizing & Determining Transformer Size for Lighting Distribution system

Design of Power System

  • Calculating the Loads for Electrical and Electronics equipment’s
  • Calculating the connected Load on each Circuits
  • Determining the Receptacle, Electrical and Electronics equipment’s for all areas
  • Lighting Distribution Panel design and designing Emergency Panel
  • Designing the Life safety and determining Earth Protection requirements
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining Transformer Size for Power Distribution

Design of Power Distribution System

  • Calculating the Total Power Requirements
  • Determining Power Factor Correction requirements
  • Calculating Power and Lighting Load determination on the basis of actual connected equipment with appropriate demand/diversity factors, as per your standards
  • Determining the Main Transformer requirements
  • Determining the size of Generator
  • Determining the HV equipment’s, metering and protective switchgear requirements
  • Determining Cable Trays, Trenches their optimum path
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining the cable and wire sizing
  • Determining the one line diagram for distribution system

Design of Fire Protection System

  • Determining the numbers of Circuits and device types according to defined areas
  • Control Circuits for Integration, Annunciation, Automatic Dialing and Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detector, Enunciator, Manual Points and Panel Layout
  • Control Diagram for Remote Panels and Main Panels
  • Riser Diagram, Device and Panel schedule

Drafting of Lighting, Power and Power Distribution System

  • Layouts of lighting depicting different Lighting fixture, Egress and Emergency Lighting, Occupancy Sensors etc.
  • Power Layout Plan showing Receptacles, Refrigerator, Microwave, Freezer, Coffee Machine etc.
  • Drafting of Luminaries, Power Equipment’s, Devices counts, Terminations Diagrams, Control Circuits, LV/HV electrical devices, Panel Schedule, Material List.


  • Load Schedule Calculation
  • Designing of Lighting Distribution Systems
  • Designing of Power Distribution Systems
  • Designing of Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems & Load Calculation
  • CCTV Designing
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Cable Sizing & Tray Designing
  • Transformer Selection
  • Panel Board (MDB, SMDB, SDB) Selection
  • Fault Level Calculation for Transformer
  • Short Circuit Calculation, Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Capacitor Bank Selection
  • Bus Bar Selection
  • UPS & Generators Selection
  • Telecommunication
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Conduit Designing
  • Earthing Layout
  • Public Addressable Systems
  • Lighting Arrestor
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Selection of Solar Panel, Solar Battery, Solar Regulators
  • Bill of Quantity, Estimation & Costing of a Project
  • Shop Drawings
  • Schematic, Section, Isometric, Schedule Drawings