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ship inspection


ship inspection services

Ship Inspection

Pre-purchase condition survey / Buyer’ survey

Under ideal circumstances pre purchase survey is conducted in three parts

Ship Inspection while the vessel is a float

A pre purchase condition survey includes a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural and water tight integrity, equipment and machinery, system installation, operating condition and performance.

A comprehensive report is issued which includes an equipment list, specifications, list of important spares, detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations.

This survey is done for a prospective buyer prior to the actual purchase. Normally a vessel may have well documented history of running and maintenance, but it is in the best interest of the buyer that the finding of the surveyor is from the current state of the vessel.

Survey is based on a careful inspection of all accessible portions of its structure, available equipment running, previous records available, and with the good cooperation of the officers on board. Surveyors will not compromise on safety, nor operate any machinery. The tanks shall be kept ventilated and tested suitable for man entry

A Pre-Purchase survey generally does not include: compression testing of machinery, oil analysis, internal inspection or pressure testing of tanks, destructive analysis of hull and deck structures, or invasive inspection of hidden spaces or inaccessible areas. Hardware and fastenings are not removed for evaluation. Navigation instruments are not tested for accuracy

Ship Inspection include places such as :

  • Hull / Deck / Engine Room / Cargo space / bridge
  • Under water body
  • Bulk heads and supporting structures
  • Rudder, steering gear, propeller shaft
  • Deck fittings, stanchions, mooring winches, windlass
  • Accommodation spaces
  • Galley Equipment
  • Sanitation devices, holding and discharging system
  • Bilge oil separator, Incinerator
  • Electrical systems
  • Emergency power supply
  • Navigational equipment
  • Cold storages


Surveys are usually scheduled three to five days in advance. The on sight survey will take 8 to 12 hours depending on factors such as size, condition and age. Pre purchase survey report will be completed no later than three business date after the date of inspection. Two signed and sealed hard copy report will be mailed to you up on completion. It is highly recommended that you provide the mailing address and also the e mail address to allow an electronic copy transmitted immediately up on completion. The owner’s representative must be present to grand access to the vessel and to observe the survey.

Inspection of the underwater body

Vessel is docked with full access to the underwater body. All areas of the underwater portion, side shell, keel, rudder, propeller, hull penetration, sea chests, sacrificial anodes and propulsion components, are evaluated.

Sea Trial

Vessel is underway with all machineries and system operating. Sea trials are conducted at the request of the client with the vessel operated by the owner or his authorized agent. Propulsion machinery is operated under load and all systems and components can be tested under actual condition. Generally the following activities take place.

  • 40-60 minutes engine at full load, consider additional time for reaching safe sea area for test
  • Exhaust system integrity and temperature measurements
  • Steering system test
  • Operation of Navigation gear
  • Inspection of bilge pumping system, marine sanitation system
  • Inspection of fire fighting system
  • Auxiliary Engine test on load
  • Demonstration of electrical systems